Teaching: 5 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • How can I continue to perfect my R skills?

  • To introduce other sources of R knowledge.


You are now on your way to becoming a proficient in R programming.

If you want to learn more, check out some of these great resources:

Help Files in R

Don’t forget your R helpfiles and package vignettes which can be accessed by using the ? and vignette commands.

Supplemental Lessons

Additional R topics that we could not cover today.

RStudio cheat sheets

R quick reference guides including today’s handouts and more!

R for Data Science

Hadley Wickham is RStudio’s Chief Data Scientist and developer of the dplyr and ggplot2 packages. R for Data Science is his newest book, and is available here for free.

One R Tip a Day on Twitter

Following One R Tip a Day is a great way to learn new tips and tricks in R.


Twotorials is a compilation of 2 minute youtube videos which highlight a specific topic in R.

Quick R Website

Cookbook for R

Advanced R

For more advanced topics, check out Hadley Wickham’s website based on his book “Advanced R”.

Key Points