Programming in R: Supplemental Lessons

Introduction to R for non-programmers using gapminder data: Supplemental Lessons

These lessons include additional material for the Programming in R lesson. Feel free to work through these lessons on your own to increase your understanding and knowledge of the R language.


Understand that computers store data and instructions (programs, scripts etc.) in files. Files are organised in directories (folders). Know how to access files not in the working directory by specifying the path. Basic introduction to R, as seen in the core lesson


00:00 Project Management With RStudio How can I manage my projects in R?
00:30 Lists and Matrices How do I use and maneuver within other data classes available in R?
How do I detect and manage missing and incorrect data?
How can I create a class that contains multiple data types?
01:00 Functions Explained How can I write a new function in R?
02:00 Subsetting Lists and Matrices How do I select a subsection of my list or matrix
02:30 Split-Apply-Combine How can I do different calculations on different sets of data?
03:30 Producing Reports With knitr How can I integrate software and reports?
04:45 Dataframe Manipulation with tidyr How can I change the format of dataframes?
05:30 Writing Good Software How can I write software that other people can use?
05:45 Reading and Writing CSV Files How do I read data from a CSV file into R?
How do I write data to a CSV file?
06:15 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.